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A little bit about me....
There's nothing like the thrill of catching a trophy fish out on the open water, but learning how to craft a beautiful keeper with your own hands certainly 
comes a close second!  
As a craftsman by trade, I’ve long had a fascination with the versatility of copper. One winter, I began experimenting with leftover copper from my remodeling business, letting the waters of the world—from oceans to lakes to streams—be my artistic guide. Immediately I was hooked on creating these wall hangings, each handcrafted, flame-painted or given a patina finish (and sometimes both) along with a clear coat for lasting color. 
Many factors impact the final color achieved including the temperature of the copper and the weather on the day the copper is being treated.  Combining flame painting, copper patina and natural copper finishes adds a unique element of design and offers up limitless possibilities!
When I'm not fishing or hammering copper, you'll likely find me in the garden or in the kitchen.  #injoeskitchen 
Please contact me to request a custom Hooked On Copper creation. 
I hope you enjoy your one-of-a kind work of art!
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